from Book of Vile Darkness

Individual demons have, over the course of millennia, risen from the hordes of their brethren. They gained great power and authority, then established themselves as demon lords. Each has an appearance and a set of abilities unique to him or her. A few demon lords have even risen above the other demon lords, calling themselves demon princes.

These are all self-proclaimed titles, There are no actual qualifications; the Abyss is far too chaotic to develop rigid standards. It is this chaos and lack of organization and hierarchy that separates the demon lords from the archdevils, who have a rigid pecking order, each paying fealty to those in more powerful positions.

Almost every demon lord controls at least one layer of the Abyss. The lords command palaces and fortresses full of lesser demons and monsters, often decorated with tortured prisoners or tormented, damned souls.

The demon lords relish pain and suffering as much as they lust for power. They savor corruption and destruction, waging eternal wars with each other to gain dominance. For many years, Demogorgon has been the most powerful demon lord, calling himself Prince of Demons. Both Orcus and Graz'zt contest this title, however.

Many demon lords, and all demon princes, have a scattering of mortal worshipers gathered in secret cults. These demon cultists may one day, through their sacrifices and devotion, elevate the lords to true godhood, a title that many of the lords have claimed at one time or another,

Countless other demon lords exist beyond those described here, including Fraz Urblu, Kostchtchie, Baphomet, Alzrius, Eldanoth, Lissa'aera, Lupercio, Lynkhab, Verin, and Vucarik